TMJ Therapy


Most people know the temporomandibular joints by their shorter, more common term, TMJ. These important joints, padded by disc-shaped cartilage, function as a hinge between the jaw and the skull. Influenced by the mechanics of your bite and the condition of jaw muscles, just a little added stress or fatigue, or changes in occlusion, and the whole system is knocked off balance resulting in TMJ dysfunction. This condition is extremely common in our culture, so we evaluate our patients for TMJ dysfunction at every regular dental exam.

The Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction

    A patient suffering from TMJ dysfunction could have one or more of the following mild to severe symptoms including:
    Headaches or Migraines
    Jaw Clicking
    Earaches or Ringing in the Ear
    Facial or Jaw Pain
    Stiff Neck and Shoulders


TMJ Therapy

At Germany Dental, we offer both neuromuscular TMJ therapy and restorative dentistry to correct the bite. Often a simple, custom fit dental appliance alleviates symptoms. For those with more complex bite issues, full-mouth reconstruction may be an option. We individually evaluate and restore each tooth with porcelain to provide proper length and positioning, relaxing the jaw and providing long-term relief from the symptoms of TJM dysfunction.

This comprehensive approach to TMJ therapy addresses both the muscular and mechanical causes of TMJ dysfunction for effective relief from the pain and discomfort. If you suffer from constant headaches, earaches, or stiffness in your shoulders, you might have TMJ dysfunction. Call Germany Dental in Brandon, near Jackson, for an appointment and find out how we can relieve your symptoms and restore your quality of life.

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